From Berlin with Mindfulness

At 7Mind, we expand our minds every day, as well as our impact. You could also make a difference in many people’s life. Welcome to 7Mind!

Relaxed woman meditates and chants OM
Relaxed woman meditates and chants OM

"This team has it all: An actually inspiring mission (yeah, a real MISSION) that improves peoples' lives without side effects and without abusing our planet. Caring colleagues that live and breathe mindfulness. And sooo much potential for personal growth and YOUR own ideas. Join the 7Mind journey!"

Malte, Mindfulness Team

"I deeply appreciate the opportunity not only to follow my purpose and create science based mindfulness content to support the mental health of thousands, but also to consciously create my role at 7Mind in a way it fits my personality traits, skills, needs, lifestyle, values and ideas."

Siri, Mindfulness Team

"Our effort & commitment improves the life of others, and I’m grateful to be part of that journey."

Thomas, Marketing Team

"One thing I truly appreciate at 7Mind is the quality of our founders. They both represent what 7Mind stands for - self-reflection, growth mindset, empathy - together with business savvy and a strong desire to help 7Mind thrive. I love working for them. Theeee best! "

Julia, People & Culture Team

"One of the things that I most appreciate about 7Mind is the level of kindness, openness and humanness you experience across the whole company. Here you're truly heard and seen and words come into action. It's so fulfilling to be part of this team!"

Renata, People & Culture Team

"To reaffirm in the words of Virginia Satir, what I enjoy about my work at 7Mind is that we meet based on our commonalities and grow based on our differences."

Anne-Marie, Healthcare Team

"When I joined 7Mind I was welcomed by an open-hearted and reflective team, full of positive energy, willing to continuous improve and driven by dedication and purpose towards the topic of mindfulness. I have not seen that in any other company before!"

Fabian, Product Team

"What I love about our culture is the freedom and space to bring your true self to work. We fully appreciate all nuances of the different personalities of each 7Minder. We thereby become a tightly-knit team that truly trusts and supports each other."

Mo, Legal & Finance Team

How we reduce emissions for a mindful footprint: