7Mind is Europe’s most popu­lar mind­ful­ness app that helps easily inte­grate the prac­tice of medi­ta­tion into daily life. We believe in the great poten­tial of our mind, and it is our mis­sion to show indi­vi­du­als how to unlock it in order to live and work fee­ling more balan­ced, rela­xed and happy. 

Find your inner balance

Be part of the mind­ful move­ment with Jonathan’s medi­ta­ti­ons that counts more than 3 Mil­li­ons medi­ta­tors alre­ady played his medi­ta­ti­ons.

Trans­form your mind­set

Learn how to tame your mind through the prac­tice of medi­ta­tion. Just 7 minu­tes per day are enough to change your daily life. 7 minu­tes to redis­co­ver the joy that exists in the pre­sent moment and get the most out of your brain’s poten­tial.