Sustainability: 7 tips & tricks for climate protection

The climate needs our help! Fortunately, there are many things we can do every day. We give you simple tips to help you consume more sustainably. Everyday life offers many opportunities.

The climate needs our help! Fortunately, there are many things we can do every day. We give you simple tips to help you consume more sustainably and protect the climate.

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By Sarah Schömbs

Everyday life offers many opportunities for climate protection. It is not a question of complete renunciation or total restriction! Everyone can decide for herself or himself what he or she wants to do for the climate. Whether it's riding a bike more, wearing second-hand clothes, planting trees or eating a vegetarian diet. If you don't know where to start, here are seven ideas for a climate-conscious everyday life:

Protect the climate: Simple tips for your everyday life

1. Thermo instead of to-go: You love your morning coffee-to-go? Then try a thermos flask. Not only is it reusable, it also keeps your coffee nice and warm. Take a look at Klean Kanteen or Dopper. By buying a bottle or jug, you can also support social or ecological projects.

*2. Cotton bags instead of plastic bags: *Instead of carrying your shopping home in plastic bags, you can simply use a cotton bag. You can find a large and nice selection at We also often use plastic and paper bags for loose fruit, vegetables or baked goods in the shop. However, many organic supermarkets already have cotton bags or nets that you can use again and again, for example to transport loose apples, rolls or lettuce safely home. A little tip: The makers of the ChicoBag produce reusable bags from recycled PET bottles.

3 . Unpacked instead of packed: Tip 3 is a small extension of tip 2. In many cities there is now the possibility to shop in packaging-free supermarkets. Instead of cans and plastic, you will find bags and jars. Just weigh them, fill them up and you're done! It's best to bring your empty jam or pickle jars with you. This way you not only reduce packaging waste, but often also support local organic products. You can find an overview of shops with unpacked food in Germany here:

4. Second hand instead of fast fashion: flea markets, social department stores or second hand shops are a great alternative when it comes to spicing up your wardrobe. This is not only a lot of fun, but also brings out real treasures.

5. Compensate instead of produce: Are you heading to Bali or Thailand soon? Then you can offset your trip via platforms like

6. Solid hair soap instead of packaging waste: shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and body lotion. Plastic packaging is swarming in the bathroom? It doesn't have to be like that. Meanwhile, many cosmetics companies have jumped on the zero-waste bandwagon and offer plastic-free alternatives. The products of Rosenrot, for example, are popular.

Plant trees instead of surfing wildly: Even when you are surfing the internet, you can do your bit for climate protection by using the services of companies such as Ecosia or Posteo. The green search engine Ecosia uses its profits to plant trees. Posteo is an email box that relies on 100% green electricity from Green Peace Energy.

Image: Ben White on Unsplash

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